Kingdom Silk, Wool, Viscose Rug
Kingdom Silk, Wool, Viscose Rug

Kingdom Silk, Wool, Viscose Rug

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Kingdom Silk, Wool, Viscose Rug: Where Craftsmanship Meets Luxury

The Kingdom Silk, Wool, Viscose Rug is a masterpiece born from the synergy of craftsmanship and luxury. Its exquisite design and choice of materials make it the epitome of sophistication and style.

  • Hand-Knotted Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and dedication, this rug showcases the art of hand-knotting. Each intricate detail reflects the skill and artistry of master weavers who bring this rug to life.
  • Medium Pile Comfort: With a medium pile thickness of 0.4 inches, the Kingdom Rug offers an exceptional blend of comfort and easy maintenance. It's just the right height for a plush feel underfoot without being overly demanding in terms of care.
  • Lustrous Sheen: The rug exhibits a lustrous sheen that adds a touch of opulence to your living space. Whether bathed in natural light or illuminated by a room's lighting, the Kingdom Rug glistens with elegance.
  • High/Low Textures: The rug's play of high and low textures not only adds depth but also creates a visually captivating surface. These textures are more than just design; they're an expression of art.
  • Silk, Wool, and Viscose: The rug is a blend of premium materials. Silk offers luxurious softness, wool provides durability, and viscose contributes to a gentle sheen. The result is a rug that is as comfortable and plush as it is resilient and enduring.
  • Materials: Viscose, Silk, Wool
  • Colors: Brown, Blue, Black, Taupe
  • Sizes: 
    • 2’ x 3’ 
    • 6’ x 9’ 
    • 8’ x 10’ 
    • 9’ x 12’ 
    • 10’ x 14’ 
    • 12’ x 15’ 

Immerse yourself in the luxury and beauty of the Kingdom Rug and experience the perfect harmony of craftsmanship and sophistication.


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